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I would love to wax poetic. Or even be funny. But mostly I am hot. And not in a good way.


Humidity! (Photo credit: Hopkinsii)

When I came outside after an early morning appointment, the thermometer in the car that measures outside temperature said it was 99 degrees out.

I’m afraid I peak out at around 80. And humidity makes that even too much.

So I started scratching things off my list of things to do.

Work on the raised beds outside the house? … no way.
Hang new curtains on the front porch? … nope.
Cut some of the weeds pretending to me a lawn? … oh no, not that.

How about a swimming pool? … none around.
Lake? … probably just as hot there.
Do anything involving the outdoors? … are you kidding?

So I went inside. To work on some technical stuff. Do you know how hard it is to concentrate on something when it is this hot and humid?

Cranked the window air conditioning units to full blast. That helped … a little.

Eat Klondike Bars? (we will forget for a moment that I want to lose all kinds of weight … they were on sale) They melted long before I could eat them.

I tried several times. All in the interest of steadfast research, you know.

Seltzer Water with ice? I had no idea ice cubes could melt this quickly. And this is inside … near the A/C.

 So here it is at the relative end of the day.

I am out of ideas. Let’s just say that sitting in front of the AC with a cool washrag and wearing less than I’d want to answer the door with appears to be the winner.

How do you folks in Florida and Texas and other southern states do this stuff?