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After this past month, I found myself questioning just how good I might really be as a writer … a story teller … a blogger … and all the rest.

The whole idea was to take a year … do nothing other than write. And see how well that would work for me.

Well, then there is the radio on-air stuff. And a few remaining computery type things. But other than that … it occurred to me …

I am a writer.

I write.

For me, it means that I sit with laptop in hand or at the desk with PC in front … and I write.

All hours of the day and night, I write.

Not always good writing, you understand, but writing nonetheless. Whether in my private blog, this public blog, or for purposes of some story … NaNoWriMo related or not … I write.

I laughed the other day when I saw these memes about writing.

1463420_10201841531136670_825357704_n Author-MemeThe closest one to what I really do would be Authors – “What friends think I do” … only sitting up … or slouching in bed.

Hey, it works for me.