All About Holly

A long time ago … far too long, all things considered … there was a young girl born to a young couple and …


You don’t want to know all that much about me?


Then how about this …

Picture a little girl … with curly curly dark brown hair … crossed eyes … flat chested … and tender hearted.

Add three parts life. Corporate. Marital. Children.
Add two parts time.
Subtract two and a half parts life. No Corporate. No Marital. Children … but at a distance.
Add three more parts time.
Add and subtract at will several parts life, death, joy, sadness, love, heartbreak … and weight …

And you are left with me.

Life seasoned.

When I speak to groups and share my life story, it usually includes great amounts of laughter. And several instances of mouths gaping wide open. Seems there is more to me than meets the eye.

Curly grey … or dyed … hair now. Not so cross eyed. Not remotely flat chested.

Hard on the outside. Still tender hearted on the inside.

And somehow the eternal wearer of rose colored glasses.

Go figure. 

13 thoughts on “All About Holly”

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    I nominate you for the Awesome Blog Content Award.
    You can check. for more details.
    Have a wonderful day!

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  2. And that’s why you should put substantive time and energy into making sure that you manage a top-notch blog.
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  3. Hello Holly! That is a very well written ‘about me’ section! Put a smile to our faces! 🙂 Have a nice day ahead! Regards.

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  4. Love your bio. If grands ever come into the picture, you might like my Friday posts – 10-minute activities to do with grands. Last year, I was on a science kick. This year, I’m on a math kick. Can you illustrate pi with a banana?


  5. lillianmwoodall said:

    This is one of the freshest ‘About’ pages I’ve seen on WordPress. And anything to do with adding and subtracting sparks my interest immediately! The last two sentences really made me smile 🙂

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    • Thanks for the kind words … I had to go out and reread to see what was so good. What can I say? It’s me. I’ve got a quirky way of writing. 🙂 Glad it made you smile …

      Oh. One other little known fact … re: adding and subtracting … and figuring … I majored in Math in College.


      • lillianmwoodall said:

        Well, you certainly have an invigorating way with words. 🙂
        Aha! I bow to you, O maths graduate. I plan to take the subject to university in 2015, so perhaps it’s worth saying you’re the first fellow mathematician (whether you still class yourself as such I don’t know – or is it once a maths enthusiast, always a maths enthusiast? 😉 ) I’ve met on WordPress thus far.


  6. LOIS STANLEY said:

    WE ARE ALL WAITING!!!!!!!!!! GO FOR IT————-


    • Funny you should say this … I was just putting together some words for just this page an hour ago … and plan to unroll it on Thursday or more likely Friday … along with a Friends of Holly page with pictures.


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