My Friend Ann

My Friend Ann

In many regards, Ann is the founder of the feast here.

She is the one who, before the start of this blog on June 24th, 2012, said “You need to do something every day that will make you happy. And then you need to write about it.”

Thus was born the Happy Holly Project.

She also is the do-it-yourself guru who took one look at the Front Room of my house and proclaimed “This carpet needs to be taken up.” And the rest of the house renovation that is following is history.

Ann is a transplant from the North and Deep South and is now contemplating her next move in life.

I have never been to her house twice in a row where the furniture was in the same location. And each move has been a step toward making the house ready for eventual sale.

It is my personal hope for her that she goes to college this year to earn the much deserved and wanted degree she has discussed.

But no matter what … she will always be My Friend Ann.

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