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This is the final installment of Friends of Holly.

The last two days have featured several people who are in my life on a regular basis.

All wearing the mask  …

Ending today, I thought I would give this person a whole blog entry to herself. She deserves it.

She is my absolute best friend.

As long as I have known her she has been camera shy. One might almost say insecure, but of course I wouldn’t want to offend her by saying that.

Here is a picture of her with the mask.

I know it looks like she is a natural blond with straight hair, but really she lived life as a brunette with unmanageable naturally curly hair. She had planned to grey gracefully, except the grey started about ten years too soon. So the last several years have been a combination of grey, greying, dark, and blonde hair episodes.

But never red.

With pretty hazel eyes … which she calls barf colored since there are so many colors there … she has a ready smile and quirky sense of humor … and she genuinely likes people.

I went to high school and college with her … like I did with Kathy and Jeanne. She grew up totally skinny and flat as a board, but has obviously outgrown that … on both counts. And she was the one everyone made fun of in school.

Everyone except me.

She is great company and gets all of my jokes. And she can be my biggest cheerleader.

Don’t tell anyone, but she is also my worst enemy. As my harshest critic, she says things to me that she wouldn’t dare say to anyone else.

No matter where I go, there she is.

Everyone should have a friend like this.