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Can you hear me rationalizing already?

So as I sat here this morning thinking of what I could do for no reason other than pure pleasure, I found myself devoid of ideas. Not the best start to a year of hedonism, is it?

After all, fun is fun, right? Many things ran through my mind, not the least of which was “How in the world am I going to be able to find one new thing every day for a year?” This was immediately followed by “and who made up that rule, anyway?” But for the time being I will indeed try to come up with something new each day.

So in the mean time, I picked up my trusty netpad here and started into deep thought whilst mindlessly playing a game … Chuzzle. For those of you unfamiliar with this PC game, it contains a six by six board filled with little fuzzy balls of … well … chuzzle, I suppose. Kind of like a cross between a kitten and a dustbunny. Picture a furball with eyes.

Guilty Pleasure of the DayThe rows and columns can be moved up, down, left and right to assemble as many “of-a-kind” groups as possible. At which point they explode and all their little eyeballs fly into the cauldron/bottle at the left. In a word – mind-numbing.

Enter the Fat Chuzzles. Like the blue one in the picture above. Periodically they appear on the board and can be removed like all the others … in a group of at least three of the same color.

Now being a person who needs to do some major emotional healing here, I did what any rational person avoiding stress would do while playing a time wasting, mind numbing, easy as all get out game to pass the time … I chose the “Zen Mode”.

Read: No stress, no locks, no time limit, always a move to be had, no harm, no foul. Just my kind of game. Also read: impossible to lose, thereby allowing astronomical amount of points, charms, awards, explosions, and general all around mindlessness.

The first thing I noticed were the eyes. Thats always what I notice first after all. They were, um, googly. And all kinds of colors. And they follow your cursor around the board as you play.

Whch made me laugh.

Then as I got more and more engrossed, the Fat Chuzzles appeared. Along with multiple colored Chuzzles … a tribute to diversity I suppose (and worth 3000 points … 6000 if they explode by virtue of you doing something else)

Before too long I was getting awards. Seven at once, Eight at once, Across the Whole Board with One Color. You do know, of course, with these awards and 99 cents, I can get a great cup of coffee at my local Sheetz store.

Add Quad Combos, Seven Step Cascade Reactors and Fat Blaster awards and I am hopelessly addicted. Chuzzling my socks off, as it were. Time passing with no accomplishments other than little fuzzy explosions.

More time passes. And up pops the cutest little thing. A chuzzle wearing sunglasses. Now, I know that if you leave your cursor on any chuzzle for too long it looks at your pointer, frowns, then shakes the errant cursor far away as a dog would shake out excess water. But what of a Chuzzle wearing sunglasses?

Upon Googling “Chuzzles with Sunglasses” I learn that it does nothing in particular other than look cute. BUT I learn that if I use the magic handshake and irritate the little chuzzle, it eventually sneezes and loses all its hair. Cracked me up.

And best of all, if you irritate the FAT Chuzzles, they end up getting fat cheeks, burping, and subsequently making the most outrageous face at you … well, try it and you’ll see what I mean.

Who knew that little images of fuzz could be so entertaining? I mean, really …

And it was then that I realized I had indeed done, with no effort on my part yet another activity … for no reason other than the fact that it gives me happiness.

Although I am wondering at the possibility of applying my Fat Blaster award to those extra ten pounds on my hips here.