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Today started as many days do, with me waking from a convoluted dream … this time of being happy in a job.  And since that seemed a bit grand for my daily happy goal I settled on Inner Peace instead … or at least some activity that fosters inner peace. That’s a good thing, right?

Realizing that I had been up late and was up early, I decided to go back to sleep in pursuit of that inner peace … and although the extra hour did not produce it, I was at least well rested and ready for the task at hand.

So I decided to check phone messages … I mean, you never know when a message of some large windfall from an obscure relative might be there, right? Instead there was a tearful message from a friend bemoaning … once again … that her grown daughter was ceaslessly badgering her into doing something she didn’t want to do … or else the daughter would NEVER speak to her again. At this point I’m thinking that might be preferable. No inner peace there.

Ah! My beloved Chuzzle game! From the other days blog, you recall?  Ater all, the Zen mode of the game clearly states “Find Inner Peace with this unending game”. After blasting a few hundred fuzzballs, I attained a new gold charm, wasted a half hour, found no inner peace, and think a twelve-step program for Chuzzle playing might be in order.

Think, Holly, Think.

Meditation! I will go outside and sit among the trees and nature and meditate on all  things peaceful … at which point I open the door on my air conditioned bedroom and am met with a blast of air somewhere between 112 degrees and Hell … with humidity that could choke a horse. Going outside was even worse. Scratch “meditate in nature” from the list for inner peace. At least for today.

Meditate in front of the Air Conditioner and fan … yes I have both … while sitting on my bed? Nice try, no cigar. The thoughts of the day crammed in to my mind and I am reminded of what got me to this point of blogging in the first place. It is the first anniversary  almost to the minute of the start of an ill-fated but wonderfully passionate love affair. Definitely no inner peace there.

Kittens! Thats it! I will go downstairs and play with the three adorable little white fluffy kittens that my soon to be gone cat … who purrs like a motorboat … gave birth to just a few weeks ago. They are just big enough to be fluffy and fun and full of inner peace.

So I look around and realize they are most likely hiding under the love seat in the TV room … a favorite haunt.  As I tip the seat back, I suppose I should have heard the theme from Animal Planet playing in the background.

Oh, yes.

There, under the couch, were the tail and paws of one of the kittens … just like I saw on TV when a Tiger (my favorite big cat) dispatched one of its sick and dying cubs. Great. Not the frail little one I had named after my lost love, or the fuzzy white mom-look-alike, but the darker, larger one.

In a last bid effort, I called my friend Linda and suggested that an Ice Cream trip might be in order. So off we went to the local restaurant, well known for decadent Ice Cream concoctions. Shared a Rueben sandwich and split a Banana Split … yum!

And I discovered that great truth: Inner Peace is a noble and worthy pursuit … but cold ice cream on a hot day comes in a close second!