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… always get me down … or was that Rainy Days and Mondays?

No matter. The day is positively dreary outside. Clammy and rainy with a constant drenching rain. Like the earth is crying after the very sad news from yesterday. As well it should.

But it was welcome in many ways as relief from the recent drought. And I looked for something to do for no reason other than sheer happiness.

First, I went over and took Linda out to breakfast … her first foray into the outside world since her recent surgery and news about the death of her granddaughter. The skies opened further and the rain drenched us as we left to go eat … fortunately both she and I are drip-dry.

And although I felt good that I was able to do that for her, her grief was overwhelming.

No happiness there.

Then I thought, what the heck, I could finish the painting of the walls in the front porch / room which I had not yet completed. Inside job. Needs done. Would make me happy. Yeah. That would work.

On entering the house I realized that I had forgotten the classic paradox … about what happens when the Irresistible Force of Rain Meets An Immovable Object With A Hole In It … my porch roof.

Add to that the fact that two of the window panes had been totally removed by me for reglazing … and now are sitting wide open.

Not to mention all the windows left partially open so as not to dry shut from the new paint job.

Hey, we have been having an incredible drought here. Who thought about rain??

As I surveyed the wet spots and puddles all over the not yet painted floor, I quickly realized that painting walls was probably not such a good idea. At least not for today.

No happiness there, either.

Cool Tea Pot with Flowering TeaSo I scrapped that idea in favor of a good book and a cup of tea.  On my counter I saw a sealed set of cool tea flowers. They had come with a beautiful glass tea pot I had gotten myself a year ago … and had never used. Always opting for tea bags or loose tea, I had not had the opportunity to open the seal until now. The one time I had briefly had a tea drinker in the house last year, I had totally forgotten that I had the cool blossoming flowers.

According to the official Primula Web Site “Each flower bud is made with AA green tea and … morphs into a blossoming flower inside your pot or mug when you add hot water to create a healthy, antioxidant-rich, flavorful tea.” Healthy? Anti-oxidant? I could feel the health and happiness coursing through my veins already.

And it was pretty, too.

One cup of Primula’s Flowering Green Tea with Jasmine later, I finished the last chapters of the book I had been reading. Gotta love Janet Evanovich …

So I guess my Happy Holly Project task for the day is more like a non-task. Perfect for a rainy, dreary summer afternoon.

Guess I’ll do the fun painting some other time …