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I guess I should have known … all the good days would have to stop here soon.

As I think I said one other time out here, some days are harder than others to do a blog entry. Then as I typed this I realized the opposite is also true. Some days are easier than others to do a blog entry.

It is all a matter of perspective.

Today started with me looking at my emails, as I often do. The day almost always starts with a smile, because I have a few cartoons delivered to my Inbox. One of these is Pearls Before Swine … my favorite.

It wasn’t there this morning.

It also wasn’t there one or two days this past week. So I went out and checked the cartoon email website and saw the cartoon of the day for today.

So basically it looks like other people get ideas … good and bad … for daily entries … just like I do. So, should I be sad because I did not see this first thing in the morning? Or happy because I saw it now, just as I was figuring out what to write, and realize that I have the same thing happening in my life?


Then I got an early morning phone call. Way too early. From a friend. Who was informing me that their kidneys were failing. And they were choosing to not have dialysis for several very good reasons.

I am still not ready to really write about this.

Then I was asked to read the Happy Holly Project entry from yesterday and was happy to hear the sound of laughter on the other end of the line. For whatever reason, my blog entries here seem to bring a lot of joy to some folks.

And tears started as I realized I may not be able to do this too many more times.

But I was assured that I would not want to stop a caterpillar from becoming a butterfly. And that a snake needs to shed its skin. That this is merely a transition.

I have been through this thing once before with a friend.

So am I happy that another person has the right to choose their life options? Or sad that in all likelihood I am about to lose a good friend soon? Or both?


Going downstairs for coffee, I realized it had rained all last night, and the front room resembled a small pond … more or less. Should I be sad because obviously more work needs done on the roof? Or happy that it will be so easy to access the damage?


Then I looked around my room for an outfit to wear for the day and saw a shirt that someone had pointed out to me the other day … for 99 cents … and of course I had to buy it.

Wish I would have had this for the I’m a Stalker, I’m a Stalker entry here.

Again, perspective. Stalker? Or merely persistant.

And for that matter … persistant? or persistent?

See what I mean? It’s all a matter of choices that we make every day. Perspective.

I was sad and working through some grief when I started this Happy Holly Project and associated blog. And each day I make the choice to look for something Happy. Instead of seeing things for the sadness … I look at things for the positive.

Further stories … from the past. A friend worked in a large box store in the return section. And when someone returned an item, she was required to write on the slip the reason for the return.

One day a woman returned an adding machine.

“And what is the reason for your return?” asked my friend.

“Its possessed” replied the customer with a straight face.

Looking up and seeing that she was indeed serious about her reason, my friend continued “And why do you think the adding machine is possessed?”

“Well, whenever I am out of the room, it just goes on and runs itself. Its possessed.”

Thinking it was more likely a short in the electrical system or an errant house cat, my friend dutifully wrote “Possessed” on the slip.

Suffice it to say it attracted attention … all the way up the corporate ladder.

And as if that was not enough, shortly afterward a man returned a down comforter. “And what is your reason for returning this?” she asked.

“Well, it says it’s a down comforter. And I got it home, and it sprung a leak. And all that’s in it are these durned feathers.”

OK, so he didn’t say durned, but you get the idea.

So what is it? Down comforter? or bothersome feathers? Perspective.

One of the best examples in my life was years ago when my oldest daughter was about six years old. For some reason I wanted to point out two people who were standing on the corner … probably in hopes of teaching some safety lesson about crossing the street.

“Do you see that over there? Someone and their daughter?” I began.

Looking all around and looking mystified, she replied “No. But I see someone and their Mommy.”


In trying to come up with words for this blog entry today, I laid down and began reading a book … and promptly fell asleep as I often do while reading.

On waking, I had a dream in my mind for a blog … wonderful … complete with links and everything. And as I was getting up to come downstairs to the PC here, it completely flew out of my mind … as dreams sometimes do.

So should you be sad, because you will never know that wonderful blog entry? Or Happy because this one was much better?

I’m thinking gratitude is in order, myself.