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… leaves nothin. As the song goes.

Surprisingly enough, it is almost five o’clock Eastern Time … and there have been no folks looking at the blog today.

None. Zip. Nada. Zilch.

Seems folks out there have a life, I guess.

As do I.

But in true Happy Holly Project style, I am putting an entry out here for the day … as I have every day since I started this project on June 24th.

That in and of itself is pretty amazing … sticking with something so consistently. And I am still having great fun with it today.

For the record, my Happy Holly Project activity of the day involved renting a drum sander. You may recall me mentioning that in yesterday’s entry.

And yes, there will be pictures … and yes, there were the classic Holly type occurrences … but no, I am not going to go into them today.

Because another thing that makes me happy is my NPR shift. And I have one tonight.

So I am on my way here soon to do the radio things that make me so happy.

And will return tonight to do yet some more sanding.

After all, I want to have a story to tell … tomorrow.