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Phoenix Sunset

Phoenix Sunset (Photo credit: cmgomes)

… who would have ever guessed?

Never in a million years could I have written a scenario like this.

But then, this is me we are talking about, right?

So let’s go back … about 43 years to my very small graduating class of around 270 in High School. And an even smaller group of us who then went to College together.

One of these folks was my friend Chuck.

And out on his Facebook page, he mentioned that he was in Pittsburgh … where we both grew up. He had flown in from Phoenix, Arizona for a visit.

I had driven the two hours to Pittsburgh, to be with my family at the same time. So I wrote something to the effect “Hey! It’s me! I am in Pittsburgh too.”

And heard nothing back.

One of these folks was my friend Jeanne.

As you may recall from a previous post, she acts in plays … not too far from where we grew up. And last night was one such play. Which I went to see.

After the play, she and I went out for a short “chat” … that lasted over two hours. And we talked about things going on in her life, the chaos going on in my life … and old mutual friends … like Chuck … who was in Pittsburgh.

Because of this, I didn’t get up here to the lake until almost two in the morning. After driving another hour and a half.

Flash forward to this afternoon. As usual, the Hotel is hosting a few weddings, receptions, and whatnot. As usual I was up at 7-ish in the morning and came downstairs to use the internet. I was also spending time on the porch doing writing.

And I adjourned to my room … to write … and read … and catch up on a few hours of sleep.

With the window open … and a gentle breeze blowing through the window from the lake.

After a quick nap, I was awakened to the sound of a loud-speaker on the lake … on their paddle boat. “Ladies and Gentlemen … I am sorry we are running so late. It is entirely my fault. Here is what happened ….” and so on.

And it crossed my mind that it would be a nice thing to do before my summer weekends at the lake were done … going for a ride.

Except I did not know how to go about it.

Quickly going down to the front desk, I asked the gal on duty about it all. “I’ll get you the phone number so you can call for the exact details and schedule.” she said.

“OK. Go ahead and finish checking these folks in and then I will get the number.” I answered.

The couple handed over the form they had been filling out. I said a few words to the wife … and turned to look at her husband … the man standing beside me.

I stopped breathing. My mouth dropped open. And I could not speak.

He turned and looked at me …  in the background, his wife was saying “You know each other, don’t you? You know each other, right?”

It was Chuck.

The man I had not seen since our ten-year class reunion. The man I went to High School and College with. The man who was visiting Pittsburgh. The man Jeanne and I were talking about at midnight last night.



Followed by hugs, laughter and a short chat. Of about an hour and a half. They did have a wedding to go to, after all.

What were the chances?

That he and his wife would have come to Pittsburgh … two thousand miles from his home. That I would be in Pittsburgh … two hours from my home.

Then, that we would both, unbeknownst to each other would drive the extra hour and a half to this town, to this Hotel … and of all the time I am here … I would wake out of a nap … come to the lobby … and that I would be at the front desk … at the same time … standing next to him.

Yes, this is the kind of spooky stuff that happens to me … a lot.

Almost makes you think there is someone up there keeping an eye on me, doesn’t it?

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania skyline photograph, t...

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania skyline photograph, taken from the West End Overlook. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)