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I have been having one of those days … as I often do.

I wanted to hang the picture using stick on strips … I got them on crooked … using a laser beam and level, no less.

I wanted to hang the curtains … they are too low … and that’s once the screws were finally put through cement-like windows frames … and breaking a drill bit in the hole being drilled. Yes, the heavy-duty metal drill bit broke in half. In the window frame.

You catch my drift.

So I thought, why not go out to a late lunch / early dinner? Linda has been … don’t say whining … suggesting for days that Chinese Food would be welcome as a dinner.

Since her other half said he was not interested in such an outing, she and I ventured to a local Chinese restaurant.

All missing dog and cat jokes aside, the food at the local Chinese places is usually pretty good.

With the publication of the health scores in town, I was able to eliminated one of the Chinese venues that is well liked in the area.

Another was scratched from the list when Linda mentioned having gotten food poisoning as a result of a recent visit there.

Which brought us to the nicest one in town. Lots of good choices … and a sushi bar with a section that featured a chef who makes according to your wishes.

Add to this the fact that they got the best rating of all the eating venues in the area and I figured we had a winner. So off we went in search of the right combination of food and drink.

As I extolled the virtues of this particular establishment for the umpteenth time, Linda pulled what can best be described as a non-food item out of her food.

This is probably not a good thing.

Somehow my telling her the story of finding a rubber chair tip in the food on the buffet table at a local steak house once did nothing to make her feel any better.

We finished the rest of our dinners … without mentioning the extra ingredient to anyone.

Good thing we are both easy-going for the most part.

On the way home, I saw the signs reminding me that today was the day I could have had Greek Food at the yearly Greek Street Festival.

Which of course I missed again this year.

So, trying to convince myself that food and drink are not that important in the grand scheme of things, I stopped at the store to get the makings of a decent Wise Potato Chips and Dip gluttonous binge later this evening.

That will make me happy.

And how important is this food and drink choice anyway?

As I came out here to write my daily blog entry, my home page told me … “Booze Won The Civil War

Not only that but “Booze Built America“. They wouldn’t lie on television, would they?

I guess I have been underestimating this for quite some time.

Wamble Crop’d?  Cogey? Copey? Sir Richard has taken off his considering cap? Got kib’d heels?

Who knew?

Only shows how much I am missing by not watching TV much.