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My polling place

My polling place (Photo credit: tychay)

Did I mention VOTE??Let me take this moment to encourage everyone reading this today to go vote. And if you support my candidate, vote early and often.

So today is the day we all do our civic duty and make our voices heard. At least that is the way it is supposed to go.

My plan was to go vote first locally, then go hand out little scraps of paper for the local race that I am supporting. At a whole other polling place.

Here is how it has gone so far.

Holly drives to local polling place.

(hurry hurry hurry hurry)

Holly sees fifty cars in the parking lot.

(crap crap crap crap)

Holly drives to other polling place.

(hurry hurry hurry hurry)

“Hi, I am Holly … oh … you are handing out scraps of paper for the other candidate? Well, happy to meet you”

(I really do like people, and you seem decent enough.)

Looks around to see if there are any other folks handing out little scraps of paper … sees none.

(Gonna be a long morning … but four hours will pass either way)

“Vote for Richard, please?”

(handing scrap of paper)

Repeat a gazillion times.

(I have a small part but I learned it well)

“Vote for Richard, please?”

(that guy just winked at me … I think it means he is voting for Richard)

“Vote for Richard, please?”
“Oh YES I will.”

(Hey. That was the incumbent who got beaten by the other guy in the primaries.)

“Vote for Richard, please? He’s a good guy.”
“That’s what I came here for.”

(things are looking good for the home team.)

“Vote for Richard, please?”

(it is freezing. my toes are getting numb. my fingers are getting numb.)

“Vote for Richard, please?”
Police officer responds … loudly … “Richard is THE MAN. He is THE ONE to vote for.”

(always nice to have vocal support from police … and firefighters … and … a lot of folks.)

“Vote for Richard?

(What time is it? *checks* Oh, 7:47 AM)

“Vote for Richard, please?”
“Hey I have a GREAT saying here … Look out for your REARend, vote for Flarend … ha ha ha ha … I just made that up.” says the budding jingle writer.
“I will be sure to pass that along to Richard  … and thank you for your vote!”

(hey, a vote is a vote is a vote.)

“Vote for Richard, please?”

(sees relief person arriving in distance … hope swells)

“How do I do it? Well, here’s what you say ….”

At this point I am home … my toes are pretty much defrosted, my fingers are typing capable, I have done my civic duty and voted for the candidates of my choice.

And of course I voted for Richard.

You know, I really think he has a shot at this … even though his party is outnumbered ten to one here.

Call me an optimist.