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… it made my sides hurt.

And the extra oxygen going to my brain … well, that can’t be anything but good, right?

Every so often, there is something that makes me laugh … really laugh … and that happened this morning.

And the truth of it all … well … it was just spot on. I am not sure if you have to be a writer to appreciate it as much as I did, but everything he said resonated like mad with me.

Well, except for the part where he has his favorite music playing while he writes. I need silence.

When things like this happen … things that make me laugh or make me happy, I will sometimes use them here as the Happy Holly Project thing of the day. And I will write about it.

But words cannot do this thing justice.

So I said to myself, Self, you have to share this with others … so they also can read it and laugh … especially if they are writers.

And it is a cartoon … more or less. You have to love cartoons.

So with all due credits to the author, and his site / blog / masterpiece … The Oatmeal … I think I will just recreate the thing here for you.

Well, maybe just the first part … perhaps you read here that I am, after all, fundamentally lazy.

Warning: If you are offended by strong language, you might not want to read all of this …