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I heard Lincoln was shot on location.

Too soon?

Yes, I stole that line from George Takei on Facebook. Made me laugh.

For those who may not know, this week was the 149th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address.

Now all things being equal, next year will be the big one. The 150th. The one that will get all the attention and all the visitors and all the TV specials.

But this year … this year was the year of the movie.

And I saw that movie.

Short Movie Review I Put On Facebook:

Saw Lincoln this afternoon … quite good, actually. Not sure that it will win Oscars, but surely there will be nominations. Assassination at the end was not needed. Should have stopped as he walked the long hall out of the house … about 3 minutes before the end of the movie. … worth seeing.

Comments On Short Movie Review I Put On Facebook:

Crap. He gets assassinated?!


Now I know how it ended. Can’t go see it. I might just stay home and cry today.

Guess I should have put out a Spoiler Alert …

But it didn’t stop there …

Folks felt obliged to show me various things that were out on the internet.

Which included the picture at the top of the page here … and this cartoon.

In light of having just seen the movie … and the extraordinary efforts and personal bravery involved in getting the country to do what was right, I think I might just agree with the Presidents sentiments in this cartoon.

But something that made me happier still, was the group of pictures that were posted on Facebook by my friend Lew.

He is not only active in Veterans matters, but he also served as a photographer with the Airborne in Vietnam. All due apologies if I said that incorrectly.

But he and his camera were at Gettysburg this week for the 149th Anniversary. And here are some of his pictures.

There is the littlest re-enactor, being tended to by his Daddy.

And Steven Spielberg who gave the keynote address at the celebration. He was also the man who made the movie of Lincoln that I just saw.

Timing, as they say, is everything.

Here are some shots of the different places at Gettysburg. Little Round Top, the Irish Memorial, and the statue of General Lee.

But my two favorite shots are of the battlefield … the second of which was shot from General Lee’s HQ. It sounded like he stayed there overnight. Is this possible? I am in awe.