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money bags feng shuiSo, this all started with a posting on Facebook a while back.In a nutshell, it said that the month of December had five Saturdays, five Sundays and five Mondays.

And that this was known in the Chinese Feng Shui tradition as Moneybags. Not only that, but it happens only once every 800 years. 

Oh Goodie.

I can use some money here.giza

Then I read that there would be a planetary alignment over the Pyramids in Giza … with Saturn, Venus and Mercury aligning over the Pyramids … and that happens once every 2800 years.

Okay, every 2737 years, but what’s a few hundred years between friends, right?

Mayan CalendarThat has to be a good thing.

And we all know about 12/12/12 … and the Mayan Calendar … and how the World is going to Come To An End on the twenty-first, right?

Oh. OK.

So maybe that one isn’t quite accurate, but the rest of them have to be …. right?

full-moonI mean that hardly ever happens.Blue Moons and extra Full Moons in a year …. that is really unusual, right? And it portends something really, really good, right?

So, between that, the alignment of the planets and the Pyramids in Egypt, 12/12/12, the Mayan 2012 Prophecy, and the Full Moon thing going on right now,  I figured it was going to be nothing but good for yours truly. 

Then I went out to the internet to get some pictures … you know … for the blog here. And I learned a few things. Thank you, Snopes.

It is perfectly true that December 2012 has 5 Saturdays, 5 Sundays and 5 Mondays. However, such a combination occurs far more often than every 823 years.

The last occurrence was in December 2007 while the next occurrence will take place in December 2018.

In fact, any month that has 31 days will have three
consecutive days that occur five times in the month. Such combinations are commonplace and occur each and every year.



So what about the Pyramid Giza thing … that has to be a rare occurence … I mean, every 2737 years … right?

Accompanying claims that this close grouping of planets is a once in a multi-generation event are also false.  As recently as last year, these planets appeared even closer together

Blue Moons? Extra Moons? Anything to say about that?

Today’s final full moon of 2012 is a somewhat rare occasion: It’s the 13th full moon of the year.

It happened this year in August and won’t happen again until 2015. Before 2012, the last blue moon occurred on Dec. 31, 2009.

I seem to remember something from way, way back when I was in Junior High School. Before the days of Talk Radio, there was a radio show on the local station called Party Line. Hosted by Ed and Wendy King.

They would take phone calls … except you couldn’t hear the caller … just Ed and Wendy.

“OK … um hmmm … really?” then “Susie here says ….” and so on.

And they had a tradition that they swore worked. In which, when there was a Full Moon, you went outside with your empty wallet or purse, held it up to the Full Moon and shook it … while saying “Fill Er Up.” They swore it worked.

You’re not telling me Ed and Wendy were lying to me about the Shaking, are you?

Saint Homobonus' (died 1197) attributes includ...

Saint Homobonus’ (died 1197) attributes include a bag of money (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What about St. Homobonus? (or in German Sante Gutman) He is the Saint of Entrepreneurs, Tailors and the Self Employed.I came across him when I was doing the research for this blog entry.

Kind of like a Santa Claus for Adults, I guess.

You aren’t saying that he is not for real are you?

I mean, he has a picture of money bags in his Saint Description after all.

My MSN homepage was kind enough to give me 100 Ways To Save Money this morning. That was really nice of them.

And no, I did not click through the 101 screens of how to do that.

I am thinking that in order to save money, you first have to actually make some money.

It figures.