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English: Illustration how Gerrymandering can i...

English: Illustration how Gerrymandering can influence the result of an election Deutsch: Veranschaulichung wie durch Gerrymandering ein Wahlergebnis manipuliert werden kann (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Maybe if I am polite it will work better.A while ago I followed a link out to the part of the whitehouse.gov website called “We The People”. It might have been to sign the petition about Tesla or something.

So when I saw a blurb on TV about gerrymandering, I thought “What the heck? I’m a People.” and made a petition on gerrymandering. Or more accurate the stopping of gerrymandering.

For those of you who always have to look up the term, like I always used to, it basically means that whatever political party is in control of the Congress when the Census is taken … that’s once every ten years … they get to draw the lines on the map for where the Congressional Districts will be.

And there is no rhyme or reason to it … EXCEPT … they draw the lines so their parties are assured to win in elections for ten years.

If you want more information about how in the recent elections one party got like 80% of the votes, but only 20% of the Congress Seats … please read this blurb.

So I did a petition … and waited.

After a week I checked.

One signature.


Here it is:

Stop Gerrymandering.

Both sides have been guilty of gerrymandering over the years. It is time to take the district lines away from the politicians.

Districts do not represent the true proportional votes of people. (http://maddowblog.msnbc.com/_news/2012/12/13/15876038-republicans-reap-the-fruits-of-redistricting?lite)

Perhaps California is a pattern to be used. Right now popular vote is not reflected in representational vote. Is there a Supreme Court “taxation without representation” appeal in here if there is not a change?

Created: Dec 21, 2012

A perfectly good petition, no?

Then I read the fine print.

Basically I am the one who has to tell people about it. It has to have 150 signatures before it even shows up on the list for folks to sign.

So I have to spread the direct address … or yoouuu could.

And I think you have to register on the site with your name and whatnot to sign petitions.

So I swung into action … and posted in some places I thought folks would see it.

And got up to  … 3 signatures.

Went out again …. lots more postings … and I just checked.

Up to … 4 signatures. And not even anybody I know.

This social activism stuff is tougher than it looks.

Any ideas will be gratefully appreciated.

My cousin just sent a message asking if this was for real.

Its Real! Its Real! … Just not really well known yet.

Spread the Word. Sign the Petition. Stop Gerrymandering … I think I have found a cause.