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… surely not … after all … I am a really healthy person … usually.

I almost never get colds and pretty much never get the flu.

I also never get the flu vaccine … because everyone I know who has gotten the vaccine gets sick right away from the shot … then gets the flu later anyway. And usually worse than anyone who opted out of getting the shot.

I started feeling a little bad last night … while at a customers location, explaining the finer points of their database.

That would make anyone sick.

And I had gotten a small cone on the way down. Maybe that …

Got home and crawled into to bed last night … only to wake up this morning to … excruciating pain in my lower right abdomen.

Surely not flu. Not me.

Must be something that a quick visit to the bathroom would fix.

It didn’t.

Maybe appendicitis? Yes, I still have all my parts, except for the four wisdom teeth which were removed at ages 25, 35, 45 and 55.

So maybe I would feel better if I went to the local greasy spoon and have lunch.

Great food … no relief. And I felt vaguely nauseous. That’s not good.

Coming home, I decided to take a nap before my radio shift.

Woke up … with pain … in the center of my gut.

Well, that’s an improvement, right?

Did my shift while warning anyone in sight that there was a chance that I might be getting the flu. And totally ignoring the stabbing pains that came and went in my gut as I did it.

Now on the way home I decided to do some scientific experimentation. And got another small cone. To test a theory. Of course.

No difference.

And now I am home once again. Shivering. Even though the thermostat is sitting at 68. And the furnace is blowing like mad.

Took my temperature … 97.4 … normal for me.

DSCN1058Then I remembered … from Sunday … that magnificent thing that I made.

Perhaps you remember.

The dish that I had on Sunday.

And Monday.

And Tuesday.

That’s what happens when you make a dish that will serve a lot of people … and you live by yourself.

There are … indications … that this is something intestinal.

Personally, I’m rooting for a mild case of food poisoning.

Can you get that in a mild case?