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If I didn’t know better …

OK … so I know I’m not back up to speed yet. In actuality I’m probably just masking some symptoms hoping they will go away … but then, what’s a gal with no Health Insurance to do?

And Lord knows I’ve been both congratulated and criticized on my Gut Feelings over the years. Although I’ve not had many recently.

And Seeing Signs over the years. You know … like when you are pregnant and all you see is pregnant women … or you get a new yellow car and everyone is driving a yellow car?

So, first I saw one of those things that could be a Sign.  Or not.

Then I go out to Google and see this …


I moused over the picture and it said “Rodin’s 172nd Birthday.”


And I thought “Now that’s strange … I would have sworn I saw that same Google Doodle not too long ago … but it must have been a year ago. Wow how time flies when you are having fun.”

And I saved the Google Doodle to my desktop here.


Figured … since my mind was all over today … and its the statue of The Thinker and all … and his birthday … time flying … well, it seemed like a perfect thing for the blog here today.

I mean, seriously … you’d rather hear that I spent the day in bed counting the minutes and recovering from intestinal distress? Really.

So, the day passed and I realized I needed to do my blog … so I started it … and went to Google to find something … and … saw … this …


Not even as big as the other … and certainly not the Rodin Google Doodle.

A quick Google search told me the birthday in question was actually on November 12, 1840 … and celebrated on Google two months ago.

Not today.

But I swear on everything that is Holy, that the Rodin Google Doodle came up on my Netpad today earlier.

And I still have it on the desktop of my Netpad.

I know my head is spinning a bit … maybe from the meds … but seriously …

Did anyone else see the Rodin Google Doodle today?

Or am I losing my mind?

Make that … Am I and my Netpad both losing our mind?