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So here I sit … facing Appendix 2.0.

Or maybe its my Gall Bladder. Who knows? All I know is that the antibiotics from my trusty sock drawer appear to be doing the job.

Doing lots of research on the internet … and we all know they don’t lie … I learned that sometimes your appendix can heal and life goes on.

Kind of like a reprieve from the Governor … only for your Appendix. Like maybe, with a batch of antibiotics, bedrest and bland food I will come out the other end … so to speak … with a scarred Appendix and no gut crunching hospital bill. And I am so totally OK with that.

Maybe … just maybe … at some time in the not so distant future I will actually have medical coverage. And if I have to go to the hospital, I can.

Which brings me to politics … and Obamacare … and the fact that I watched the swearing-in of the President today. The little one. In the Blue Room. It brought a tear to my eye as these things often do.

I always was a bit of a political junkie over the years. And although my own politics have not changed much, the parties have.

Which brings me to the Vegetable Beef Soup.

A few days ago my friend Linda brought over some absolutely delicious soup … homemade … wonderful.

As I ate the soup I noticed that, although it was also Vegetable Beef Soup, the ingredients were quite different.

Her soup had Beef and Onions … just like mine.

But then hers went on to include Celery, Potatoes, Pasta, Carrots, Broccoli and Cauliflower. There might have been a few other things.

My soup also starts with Beef and Onions.

But then I go all full color … with Green Beans, Corn and Tomatoes. A little salt … maybe a little garlic … voila … soup.

You did not hear me say “Oh I am in such bad shape … something must be done … but your soup is not like I make my soup. So no. I will not eat your soup. I would rather sit here and starve.”

Of course you did not.

Because I was grateful that my friend had gone to all the trouble.  And it helped. It really helped. Maybe not the exact same ingredients as my soup, but it worked.

Today, she gave me some more of the soup. And I gratefully accepted. I also stopped on the way home to get some barley. I figured I could take some … add water … and add barley. It would almost be like my childhood favorite soup Scotch Broth.

And I was just sitting here thinking … if Politicians could look at solving our problems like it was Vegetable Beef Soup I think we would all be better off in the long run.

Oh one more thing.

When I got the blow-by-blow of how the soup had been made … open the refrig … add in a little of whatever was there … I learned something else.

It wasn’t even Beef.

It is Pork.

And it is really delicious.

Vegetable beef barley soup

Vegetable beef barley soup (Photo credit: Wikipedia)