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… can make all the difference.

“Well, these Five Layer Burritos are just great. You can take them home and heat them up days later … and they taste just the same as they do today.” said Linda loudly in the seating area of the Taco Bell.

The other ten diners looked at her and nodded silently.

“I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.” she added … to the low chuckles of the diners.

We had been out running errands … and stopped in for a few tasty faux Mexican treats. I somehow felt it was the thing to do after I saw their Super Bowl Commercial the other day.

After all, I too am young …  Live Mas and all that.

 At this point, Linda placed the bag containing the Burritos For Another Day on the table and walked back up to the counter.

“Are you the Manager here?” she said loudly to the sweating rotund man with headphones. “I want to talk to the manager.”

The gal behind the counter stood transfixed … a fearful look on her face. A few diners shot anxious looks between the counter and me.

“It’s just the way she is” I said to the closest diner … guessing what she was about to do.

“Is that a good thing or a bad thing?” he parroted. I smiled. 

“Well, since you are the manager” Linda continued “I just wanted to let you know that THIS young lady just did an excellent job in the way she handled me and the other customers a few minutes ago.”  The manager and clerk appeared stunned. Then smiled.

“I have worked in customer service positions and I know how quick people are to complain … so I just thought I’d let you know what a good job she had done.”

As she walked away, the manager leaned over and said “Good job, Wendy.” to the gal behind the counter.

The nearby man turned to me, smiling … and said “I guess it is a good thing.”

This is not the first time either Linda or I have taken the time to talk to someone’s manager to point out the good job they have done.

You may recall Heather, the person who went above and beyond at Home Depot helping with the Stair Rods this past summer.

Or Johnnie, the young man who became our waiter at Olive Garden recently.

Both cases where the manager was made aware of a superior job done by someone who, I am guessing, usually did not get too many kind words in their jobs.

In the world of What Goes Around Comes Around, I will add that a few minutes later … as I was checking out of Wal-Mart … I was stunned at how much my few items were costing.

“Well, that’s true” said the bubbly gal behind the register “But I just wanted to thank you for spending that much money. Because you did, I have a job. And I can feed my family. And pay my bills. So thank you.”

And I was stunned.

“I’m thinking not too many people thank you for spending money, huh?” she added.

“You’ve got that right.” I laughingly replied.

“I wouldn’t usually say something like that, but you seemed really … I don’t know … approachable.” she said.

“Well, thanks for saying it” I said.

It costs absolutely nothing to say a kind word … either to the person, or better yet, to their manager.

More people should do it. Like you, maybe.