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Highclere Castle van de Carnarvon-familie, gel...

Highclere Castle van de Carnarvon-familie, gelegen op de grens van Berkshire en Hampshire, en decor van Downton Abbey (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Totally hooked.

On Downton Abbey.

At least for the time being.

Just finished watching the rest of Season Two of Downton Abbey.

And of course there are several quotes by Violet Crawley … whose character is absolutely irreverent. I think I want to be her when I grow old.

Maybe I should start practicing now.

I’m a woman. i can be as contrary as i choose.

Well. That makes perfectly logical sense to me.

I hope it’s not vulgar in me to expect that you can overcome your scruples.

At least she asked nicely.

And my predictions have come through so far.

I figured that Matthew and Mary would end up together eventually. And I figured that at least one character would end up hurt and one die in the War.

But I didn’t see Lavinia’s death coming.

My only other predictions now are that Ethel the housemaid … with a son to raise and no visible means of support … will turn to a life of … shall we say less than savory means.

And I am imaging that there will be actors … at least one … who will try to negotiate a bigger contract for the show or something. And they will be killed off one way or the other in the show.

I also wonder if Lady Edith’s penchant for driving will lead to a car accident with some kind of dire results.

I was thinking that Matthew’s mother,  Isobel, might have a love interest … maybe the doctor at the hospital. But on seeing his eyes rolling today … and the fact that I don’t know if his character is married or not … I don’t imagine it will be him, if anyone.

So much for my predictions.

Hey, today I just found out that there are four seasons to Downton Abbey. And here I thought there had only been three.

Well, that explains how they have Season Three on CD’s at the local store. And my friend Jeanne made a comment on my Happy Holly Project Facebook Page that Season Three will knock me on my … well, she didn’t say exactly what. But I’m guessing it is some well-padded portion of my anatomy.

I can hardly wait.

Three guesses what my agenda for tomorrow might be.

And the first two guesses don’t count.


QwttSEuw2fBAb2fTWU6bDA (Photo credit: Evian Tsai)