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… well, to be honest, it was all I could do to watch the show to find out.

For those of you who know me, or have come to know me through the Happy Holly Project, you will know that I don’t watch a whole lot of television.Too many other ways to spend my time.

But I did take some time to record the Academy Awards … and the pre-show … on my DVR. All the better to skip through the boring things … like commercials.

tim_burton_unicorn_samsungWhich brings me to the first thing I liked about the show. The set of commercials about the Unicorn Zombie Apocalypse … you know, where they show a unicorn the way he looks in real life.

Hey, it got me to look up the two smartphones they were pushing, so it worked as far as that goes.

For whatever reason, I found myself watching the whole sequence of commercials …  not unlike skipping the Super Bowl to watch the good parts in between.

That’s the good news. The bad news? My recording stopped halfway through the Tim Burton commercial for it all … and the recording for the next part of the Oscars was too late to catch the end of it. So I suppose I will have to go out on YouTube to find the thing.

But back to the event itself.

imagesCAKUHE4YAs someone commented online today “I think when the “boobs” song started was when I began to tune out the Oscars.  I hate stupid stuff.”


I think the first William Shatner headline pretty much summed it up. If this wasn’t the worst host ever, it certainly was one of the worst shows ever.

For whatever reason, I thought that the fiftieth anniversary of James Bond movies would include live appearances of all the actors who played James Bond. Or maybe lots of Bond Girls.

Although the singing of the theme from Goldfinger was out of this world.

I had my trusty Netpad on my lap and laughed out loud when George Takei posted his comment:

The only thing that could make the Oscars gayer, Seth, is if I hosted them.

I mentioned that I recorded the pre-show that talked about … and interviewed … the folks on the Red Carpet and their Fashion. I’m not sure what possessed me. I am not a clothes hound by miles … and it has been at least thirty pounds years since I could wear things like this.

And true to Oscar nature, there were hits and misses. I am sure you have seen the pictures and the commentary other places so I won’t bore you here. But seriously … Renee Zellweger? One word. Color. Okay, two words … and Lipstick.

I loved the comment that Oscar nominee Quvenzhané Wallis, 9, said about her dress …

I liked it because it was sparkly and fluffy

 … which, if we are honest, is really why we buy any clothes like this. We like the way they look … and they make us feel happy.

onionapology onion quoteBut it was only a short while ago I was made aware of the unfortunate tweet about her which was made by The Onion … the folks who shamelessly write satire which is often taken as fact … before the red-faced folks realize it.

However, this time they stepped over the edge.

For those who care to see it, I have included a thumbnail of the offending tweet here. As well as a thumbnail of the immediate well worded apology from The Onion. If only other politicians publications would be so prompt.

Once again, I think the politicians thought Lincoln would win … and once again, it didn’t. But it was fun to see our First Lady out there involved in it all.

Jennifer Lawrence gave a whole new meaning to the phrase “tripping the light fantastic.”.

Earlier, it seemed that there was some confusion over the Oscars as opposed to the Razzies … and Jennifer Lawrence. I’m not sure she was even nominated for a Razzie. But someone thought she had won both this year. Now that would have been delicious irony. The closest thing I found to both being mentioned in the same breath was out on the CafeMom blog.

Even though Jennifer Lawrence didn’t win for her performance in the Twilight competitor, Hunger Games, it’s clear that her superior career choices, and franchise choices, are paying off.

Today somebody mentioned that the folks who put this Oscar show together this year had issues.

Issues? Looks to me like they had the whole darned Subscription …