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English: American actor George Takei at the St...

… at least that’s what they say in the headlines.

The information provided for today’s blog has been gleaned from George Takei, other Facebook posts, Wikipedia (photos) and various news feeds.  Plus a little bit of my own input.

And we all know if you read it on the Internet it has to be true.

Siyani ChambersHarvard defeated #3 New Mexico in the NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Championship. As in Harvard where the smart geeky kids go.

In related news, a Hobbit named Frodo apparently has destroyed Sauron.

579943_630094340353356_1773065557_nYou’ve heard of Westboro Baptist Church, right … the church largely composed of one family … that pickets all the funerals of the servicemen and servicewomen … and hates gays? Seems that somebody bought the house across the street from the Westboro Baptist Church … and painted it in the colors of the Gay Pride Flag.

Rumor has it that the close proximity of the paint to the church is turning the church members gay.602859_630289237000533_1900235648_n

These two pictures are from the late 1800s.

Apparently Nicholas Cage and John Travolta are vampires. Oh, and the myth about vampires not being able to take pictures appears to be false.

In Central Pennsylvania, it was snowing again last night and today … after a bit of a blizzard earlier in the week.

549889_10151530263940280_1168740218_n 184801_584053714938547_2018887166_nThis is entirely due to the prediction made on February 2nd by the Groundhog … on Groundhogs Day … saying that we would NOT have six more weeks of winter.

Large groups of angry residents are now forming statewide to find and kill said groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil … chanting “Kill the Groundhog”.

Rumors of his suicide are exaggerated.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOh, and by the way, every other paragraph here is false. Which of course means every other paragraph is true.

Not absolutely sure about the groundhog suicide part, though. It could be murder … or a drive-by squooshing.