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I never had a dog growing up. My ex-husband always had them. So one of the first things we did as a young married couple was to take one of the lab pups my in-laws had in the barn.

Pure bred … between a chocolate lab and a yellow lab. Officially named Holly’s Cocoa. Basically caramel color. With ears trying very hard to be chocolate. Runt of the litter.

Sweet dog.

I subsequently learned all about the joys of dog ownership. And the fact that all three of my daughters survived eating her dry dog food.

Now I don’t usually repost other people’s material … preferring to create my own. Lord knows I have enough I Love Lucy moments in my life to fill a book. Hm. There’s a thought.

But I digress.

Today I am going to post a copy of a very funny post from over at The Oatmeal. It is there. It is on a poster. It is in a book.

It is funny. 

Especially if you own a dog … or have owned a dog.

It made me laugh out loud today.

So without further ado …

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