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… tomorrow is Easter.Today everyone was either travelling to, or enjoying having just gotten to, someplace else.

Except for the folks being travelled to … they are either cleaning the house like mad, or are collapsed after having cleaned the house like mad.

bracketThe brackets are all de-bracketed, and the Cinderella stories have all been told … and finished.

Note to self: Get tickets to see my friend Jeanne in Cinderella as Wicked Stepmother for next weekend.

The Elite Eight are becoming the Final Four.

And nobody is reading blog entries.

Fine by me.

I think I will take a day off … more or less … and get ready for Easter myself.

The Easter Eggs have been dyed by yours truly … and the Easter Bunny is ready to go.

Or what are jellybeans for, anyway?

English: Easter eggs Deutsch: Osterreier im ge...

English: Easter eggs Deutsch: Osterreier im gepflochtenen Osterkorb mit Osterglocke (Photo credit: Wikipedia)