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Holly takes in a shocked breath.

This is the second shock I have had in as many minutes. Reading Facebook before morning coffee is not always a good idea.

English: Daniel Radcliffe at the film premiere...

English: Daniel Radcliffe at the film premiere of Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows in Alice Tully Center, New York City in November 2010. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the other shock, my friend Andrew … Executive Director of the Harry Potter Alliance, international activist and TedX speaker … announced that someone had proposed marriage to him.

MAJOR UPDATE that I’m super nervous to share. But I’ve always tried to be honest with you and I can’t keep this in much longer (as my eyes well up with tears).

And I could even use your advice: You see, this is surreal to say but here goes…: I was recently proposed to. Yes. Like, PROPOSED. As in marriage.

Quick background: in my 33 years of life I’ve certainly had my share of wonderful and loving long-term relationships. And I’ve often wondered if and when I would get married. Many of us in our 30’s often wonder these things, wrestling with the joys and trials of singlehood versus couplehood. And now that marriage is something that is in my grasp, I’m just not sure what to do. But this becomes even more complex when discussing the nature of the proposal.

While recently in NYC, I had an interesting night out drinking with Daniel Radcliffe and Darren Criss who were both visiting there.

And proceeds to explain how, although all three are heterosexual, both Daniel and Darren have each, separately proposed marriage to him.

306017_443339772412778_692935179_nThen, as if that wasn’t enough, I saw a picture of the lottery winning sign … which they put in the window of a store when a winning lottery ticket is sold there.

This specific one is posted in a store along the highway … the highway I took while driving to visit my parents this past weekend.

At the store I stopped at while on the way to visit my parents this past weekend.  On the day that the ticket for a million dollars was bought.

A friend asks if I have the winning ticket … so I quickly drop everything … rush to my purse … rummage around through the various cards, receipts and tickets … and lo and behold … I am a winner!

 And now … the rest of the story.

First, about my friend … the one who is expecting.

Yes, she is the one who wrote “I’m expecting …” on her Facebook page this morning, not me. And I am the one … among many … who read that this morning and momentarily stopped breathing. She is after all a bit past childbearing time and has her hands quite full with the family she has now.

After a few minutes of shock rippling throughout the Facebook community, after the post “I’m expecting …” she adds the additional comment “… a call from my Mother”

Then continues “I wouldn’t announce it on Facebook. And if I was for real, it would be announced by telling everyone I was inpatient psych!”

Then she sent her Dad an email at work to explain if he can’t get hold of her Mom later, it’s because she didn’t read the whole thing and she is passed out in the computer room.

Second, about my friend Andrew and the marriage proposals.  Well, you never know about Andrew. Although the whole story is suspect if you ask me. I mean, how many people get two marriage proposals on the same day?

And last but not least … about me … and the lottery.

Hey, I didn’t say I was a Lottery Winner, I just said I was a Winner.

Well now, that part is true. I am a winner. As are all of you. Just not a Lottery Winner.

Oh, and Happy April Fools Day.