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… in a land far, far away. Well, not that far away actually. Only a ways down the road.


And the Evil Stepmother is a personal friend of mine. So I decided to make a day of it.

For whatever reason, I got a case of wanderlust the other day …  the kind that says “There is no reason not to jump in the car and just go … and keep on going.”

So I did.

But first along the way was a stop in never-never-land … my home town. To see my friend.

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We started with lunch.  In a cute little Farmers Market / Nursery / Greenhouse / Lots of little hidden places with bistro tables to enjoy a home-made lunch. When the weather gets better they have the little tables outside.

It is not as well-known as a very large Farmers Market less than a mile away. But this was a definite find.

Thank you to Jeanne’s friend who said “You are having lunch with your friend? The one who writes the blog? I know just the place.”

The lunch items were all made there by the women of a certain age who were running the place … from products grown on the premises. Their signature zucchini soup and a Panini bread sandwich with turkey, cheddar cheese and apple slices was superb. And along with the homemade cookie and fresh iced tea, who could ask for a better lunch?

A lunch and a short chat. A short, three-hour chat.

She and I are both like that. Or as her husband said “I’m glad you know someone who likes to talk (and laugh) as much as you do.”

Another few stops and it was on to the theatre.

It was Cinderella, after all. And somebody had to sell the little sparkly tiaras, and candy bracelets with candy crowns, and royal beads to the excited little princesses. So I became her “right hand woman” selling trinkets, and taking money for tickets as she sorted through the sold out reservations with an incredibly large group of people.

“Yes, I know I asked for 6 tickets, but I only need 4.” … “Yes, I know I asked for 2, but I really need 5” … “OK, I know it said I needed reservations, but I thought …” … “No, I did not make the reservations for 8 for tomorrow night. I made them for tonight. See? Here is the email.” (showing an email clearly asking for tomorrow night.)

This woman has the patience of a saint to deal with this week in and week out.

Then the show began and a small theatre in the round was magically transformed into a magical kingdom … complete with the songs I had grown up with as a child.

With a few adjustments.

This was the newer version. In which the Prince says what he really wants is a woman with her own mind and strength of character.

Funny. I don’t seem to recall that.

And the Fairy Godmother sings about finding your own voice … and how you can now be anything you want to be.

It makes me think that fighting the good fight all those years ago might have actually made a difference. And I happily sing along in my mind as the characters croon onstage.

“In my own little corner, in my own little chair, I can be whatever I want to be.”

Well, that shows you. I thought it was “… in my own little room.”

I guess I am farther away from childhood than I realized.