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… and are they related?

10-signs-that-you-are-truly-happy1Is it like a brother and sister? Happiness and Success are related … closely.

Or is it like second cousins thrice removed? Related, but not closely.

Or like a Family of Choice? They are often found together, but not technically related.

Which brings me back to something I read early this morning … on being Happy … and ten signs that you are truly Happy.

And just for the record, is there such a thing as Untruly Happy?

So I read down through them and figured that by the time I got to the end of the Ten Signs I would know whether I was truly happy. And exactly how happy I was. Like on a scale of one to ten or something.

Here is the list.

1. Daily Exercise

Well, this isn’t looking good. I understand it works across all generations, ages and genders. I also understand that if you look up Lazy Slug in the dictionary, you will see my smiling face with me waving back at you.


2. Happy Friends

So each happy friend I have will increase my probability of being happy by 9%.  So, let’s see … number of my friends … number of my happy friends … multiply by 9% … and you get …


3. Smart Thrills

No need to do dangerous things like White Water Rafting, Glider Flying … oh wait … that’s what I do like to do. But I haven’t done them for a long, long time. Does that count? They mention Cocaine and Bungee Jumping as not smart thrills.

Content with reality. Understand that reck-less equates to wreck-more.

And your point is?

4. Enough Sleep

Seems that happy healthy people sleep well. I’m thinking my 3AM rants on my private diary / blog … and trips to see what might have crawled into the refrigerator at midnight … disqualify me from this little item.

Bonus? One more hours sleep makes you happier than an extra $60,000?

In your dreams. Which I have plenty of, thank you very much.

I wonder if afternoon naps count?

5. Self Trust

Well, finally. One that I actually have.

Now reality is that I probably shouldn’t be quite so sure of my choices. But I learned a long time ago to trust my gut … follow my heart … and all the rest. It has never guided me incorrectly.

Now if only the rest of the world would do this.

6. Live In The Now

Oh great.

How would I have things to write about if I didn’t let my mind wander? And the whole purpose of this blog is to heal from heartbreak. How am I to heal from heartbreak if I don’t think about … oh that’s right.

The healing comes from doing something to make myself happy. And focusing on that.

Well, for those times I don’t focus all that well, at least I am in good company. People spend nearly 47% of their time letting their minds wander.

7. Gratitude

I have a friend who says you must have an Attitude of Gratitude. And I have many times suggested to friends in a funk to make a Gratitude List.

It works. All of it. And I do it.

Well, that’s one … and the 9% … and the Self-Trust. Next?

8. Bounce Back

Generally content. Baseline level of contentment. Occasionally wander from that, but easily and naturally return to that baseline level of contentment.

Oh, I’m sorry … I had to pick myself up off the floor. Laughing.

Laughter is good, right?

9. Get Unplugged

People spending the most time TV watching are the least happy.

Truth? I recorded the Super Bowl the year before last … and it took until July or August to realize that the bushes had grown in front of the satellite dish and ruined the recording. And yes, I know that the Super Bowl was played in the “non-leafy” season of the year.

That gives you an idea of how little TV I watch.

I did however do a rash of Downton Abbey a few months ago … oh wait … that was using Netflix and DVD’s.

10. Smile

While walking through the supermarket the other day, I was struck by how many people smile at me. And I realized it is because I smile at them first. It comes absolutely naturally.

It has always been the case in my life. I remember in High School there was a popular song called “Windy” … about someone who walks “Smiling at everybody she sees.”

I really identified with that song. Still do.

And yes, the corners of my mouth turn up … even when I am not smiling on purpose.

So according to the list above, it appears that I am a basically happy person.

I knew that.

Even when things are bad I tell people I am a Depressed Optimist. I honestly believe that things are going to get better. That something good is just around the corner.


Silly but true. That’s how I roll, as they say.

And in order to judge whether you are a success … one thing to do is to look at failure. And I have definitely failed. At many things.

I especially like the quote here by J. K. Rowling.

Its impossible not to fail at something in life. Unless of course you have lived so cautiously … so full of fear … so afraid to take a risk …

And in that case you have failed by default. At life. Because you will have not lived. You know, you can’t get to second base unless you take your foot off of first base. And fear stops so many people from risking the act of taking their foot off of first base.

It is so much easier to just stay on first. First base is comfortable. First base is safe. First base is a known quantity. It might not be a home run, but it is something.

Well, for whatever reason, one of my favorite quotes popped into my mind. By Henry David Thoreau … as quoted in one of my favorite movies … Dead Poets Society:

I went to the woods because I wanted to live deliberately,
I wanted to live deep and suck out all the marrow of life,
To put to rout all that was not life
and not when I had come to die
Discover that I had not lived.

I live in the woods.