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… but then … this isn’t normal today, is it?


Boston (Photo credit: Bahman Farzad)

Normally I would have some pseudo-witty observation about life.

Normally I would see happiness in the irony of everyday occurrences.

Normally I might have a fun story or two about my latest I Love Lucy moment.

Normally I might even have a touching tribute of some kind.

Normally I’d be sharing my tax filing exploits.

Today is Tax Filing Day for goodness sake.

And yes mine were filed. Online. A full twelve hours ahead of the deadline.

But today is not a normal day.

After filing online, I went out to check on some upgrades for my little Netpad and had lunch with a friend.

After doing a bit of running around town I came home listening to the NPR station.

And heard about Boston.

Forgive me, but my heart and mind just are not in writing at this particular moment.

It is just not normal. Not for today.

My thoughts and prayers are, as no doubt yours are, with the victims and families of those hurt in Boston today.

I don’t know what possessed someone to do it. My mind does not work like that.

But I do know that people will no doubt pull together, support those who need support … and find those responsible.

I’m pretty sure I can count on that.

So tomorrow will be another day. And another blog entry. And another opportunity to see the things in life that can make you … well, can make me … happy.

Until then.

Best Regards,