And yes, I know that there are years of baseball rivalry between the two cities.

And truthfully, I was going to write about something altogether different here for today.

But I just saw two clips and one news story … and I got tears … and I just wanted to share this all with you. In case you haven’t seen it yet.

First, the story.

NEW YORK — To honor Boston, the New York Yankees played the Fenway Park traditional song, “Sweet Caroline,” following the third inning of Tuesday night’s game at Yankee Stadium.

Prior to the game, the Yankees held a moment of silence to honor the victims of the explosions during Monday’s Boston Marathon.

And here is the link to the report:


Then there were two television shows … both usually political in nature … both seeking the humor in everyday life and its struggles.

Both brought tears to my eyes.

First Jon Stewart:

jon stewart


And here, the one I liked the best … Stephen Colbert:

stephen colbert



If you have not seen these yet, do yourself a favor … click on the pictures or the links … and be inspired. If you have already seen these, you are welcome to click and view them again.

They make me very happy today.