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westtexasThings that are inspiring. That show the true nature of the man … or the woman.

The responses to yet another tragedy. This one accidental as far as anyone can tell. There was coverage on the radio as I drove to write my daily blog. Inspiring moving coverage … for the most part.

West Texas. An explosion. Accidental.

I am shocked. And wonder at the nature of life.

News of deaths leak in.

I am saddened for the victims and their families.

First responders respond.

I am inspired by the bravery and selflessness.

Photos are released.

I am amazed at the devastation.

News conferences by politicians.

I am impressed by their preparedness.

Organizations spring into action.

I am in awe at how prepared all these groups are.

The President speaks.

I am inspired by words of comfort.

The Pope …

Oh good. The spiritual leader … of the poor … of the downtrodden … what does he have to say?

The Pope … Tweeted his condolences.

* crickets *