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introvert… and thank you so much for asking.

Can you tell just by looking at me? Or was it something I said that gave me away?

Wish I had known about this personality typing stuff back when I was young. Could have saved me years of life married to an ESTJ.

This morning a friend sent me and one other person some information about INFP’s … which it seems all three of us qualify as being.

What are all these letters, you ask?

I so glad you asked.

The origin of the whole thing is from Carl Jung and uses a test called the Myers-Briggs test … and as Wikipedia says …

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment is a psychometric questionnaire designed to measure psychological preferences in how people perceive the world and make decisions.

There are four letters you are assigned. Each one has two choices. So there are sixteen different combinations.

The first letter is about your Attitude.

I or E … for Introvert or Extrovert. And as the image at the top of this page indicates, this has little to do with whether you like people. I like people. A lot. But I am a definite Introvert if you use the items in the picture above.

I can meet people and make friends anywhere at any time. But given my choice, I’d rather be at home writing or reading than out at some mandatory we will make friends function. No matter how nice the people there are.

But I can go to said function if I absolutely have to … will sparkle and work the room … meet all the people … smile, laugh, make friends … then go home and collapse, totally drained.

The second letter and third letter are both about your Functions.

S or N … for Sensing or Intuition … The two “Perceiving Functions”. As in how you perceive things.

S for “I perceive what I can see, touch, smell, etc. with my five senses. Boo hunches. Yay facts and figures.”
N for “I perceive what my intuition tells me …  Yay theoretical and abstract and future possibilities.”

T or F … for Thinking or Feeling … The two “Judging Functions”. As in how you make rational decisions.

T for “I decide from a detached standpoint … by what seems reasonable, logical, causal, consistent … and matches a given set of rules. Must have rules.”
F for “I decide  by associating or empathizing … looking at it ‘from the inside’ and look for ways to get the greatest harmony, consensus and fit, considering the needs of the people involved.”

The fourth letter is about your Lifestyle. As in how you deal with the Outside World.

J or P … for Judging or Perceiving.

J for “I use judgment with the outside world – ordering, organizing, structuring, directing, etc. Yay closure and completeness.”
P for “I use perception with the outside world – keeping open, adapting, exploring, experiencing, etc. Yay openness and by the way, I am comfortable with incompleteness.”

I am so INFP it is not even in doubt. Classic. Tattoo on my … OK, well no tattoo’s … but if I were to have one, this would fit.

Always has. Most likely always will.

For the record, my ex … the ESTJ … is now happily remarried to another ESTJ … and they are happily S-ing and T-ing and J-ing their socks off.

There are tests all over the internet to find out what your letters are. And these sites have information about all the sixteen letter combinations.


There has never been doubt about my letters.

So I decided to check out the suggested careers for INFP’s … to see how close I had come in my real life to what I would have been good at … based on personality type.

There are few personality types whose typical careers are more consistent than those of INFPs.

Well, that’s encouraging. What type of careers, then?

“INFPs tend to be brilliant writers and they can be extremely persuasive when writing about a cause that they consider important. … this personality type is unmatched when it comes to writing skills. If you are an INFP and such a career interests you – by all means, give it a try, especially since internet gives you an excellent platform. You will likely be pleasantly surprised.”

Oh, I certainly hope so. That’s the plan here in the near future.

Other careers that are good for folks like me?

” INFPs are sincerely interested in other people and, for better or for worse, tend to put their wishes above their own. Combined with creativeness, this personality trait makes INFPs skillful counselors, social workers or psychologists.”

Um. No. Have listened to tons of friends who feel comfortable telling their deepest darkest stuff to me. Forgive me, but it all starts sounding the same after a while. Folks don’t commit nearly as many original sins as they think. Can’t imagine doing this day in and day out for a living.

What else?

“…many INFPs can be found in academia or other related professions.”

Been there … done that … have the t-shirt … and degree … to prove it.


“INFPs do not usually feel too comfortable in careers that are typically associated with stressful or teamwork-oriented environments.”

Oh true, true, true. Although I have done stressful career choices, teamwork is not my forte. Unless I am the catalyst. I am one heck of a catalyst.

“Some INFPs have a gift for taking technical information and putting it into layman’s terms.”

This was a trait I was known for when I worked for … a very, very large corporation … they called me a “Marketing Oriented Systems Engineer” .  

I read Tech and speak English. This has served me well in all my Instructional Design and Technical Writing projects over the years.

I am definitely feeling a bit better about giving this whole writing thing a try.

Who knew?

Other than Myers and Briggs, that is.

English: Sunrise in the fog, near Horicon, Wis...

English: Sunrise in the fog, near Horicon, Wisconsin. Français : Lever de soleil dans la brume, près d’Horicon, dans Wisconsin (États Unis). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)