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… hey, its my blog … I’m allowed a Yay Me.

But really … it’s more of a Yay You kind of thing.

You may recall the other day … March 29th to be exact … when I was dancing in the streets / over the moon / really really happy … because I had just been told that I had 1,000 likes.

1337 likesIt took me a little over nine months to get there. And considering nobody knew about this blog when it started, I thought that was pretty amazing … all things considered.

Yesterday … just twenty-four days later … I got the message that I had gotten 1,337 likes.  Not even one month later … and I got over a third more likes than I had gotten since this whole adventure began.

other likesNot only that, but on April 2nd I had a new daily high number of likes in one day.

Then on April 8th I got a record number of new followers in one day. Actually, I got twenty percent of my current followers in this month alone. Seriously.

To say that this has made me happy would be the understatement of the day week month.

Kris K has asked if she can narrate another one of my blog posts for her podcasts. I am honored.

Then there are the new countries. Several … including Tahiti (French Polynesia) and Portugal. Here are two screen shots from the two groups that track that kind of thing. (note to self: update Countries Viewing Holly page) You will notice that one source shows countries not in the other and that the smaller list is only from mid-December.

countries one countries twocountries three I colored in all the countries the same color … more or less.

But the map making folks (WordPress) for some reason didn’t pick up the hits from China … or Myanmar … which would make the map look more … colored in.

Now, if only someone from Greenland and Kazakhstan, Argentina … and Iran would view my blog.

Yes, I know … the chances of all that and a pretty completely colored in map are about as likely as … well … as likely as any of the other countries viewing the blog.

Like Myanmar, and Tahiti, and Panama, and Yemen, and Montenegro, and Mongolia, and Senegal, and Haiti, and Estonia, and Mauritius, and Nepal, and Costa Rica, and Saudi Arabia, and Malaysia, and … well, you get the idea. I have no idea how you all are all finding out about this blog, but I am thrilled and humbled that you all do.

And yes, I know that my blog in no way measures up to the other “real” ones with thousands of followers and hundreds of likes a day … but it makes me happy.

Thank you.

As a final note, I thought I would add a list of Personal Rules that was posted today by someone I follow on Facebook. His name is David Gerrold and he is an author. (Trouble with Tribbles, Martian Child, Science Fiction writer and creator of the Sleestak race on Land of the Lost)

This was written as his personal rules for posting on Facebook, but it occurs to me that they also can be followed for writing blog entries … so without further ado … here they are.

1) Never say anything you wouldn’t want to see on the front page of the NY Times.

2) Never get into feuds, especially not with idiots. A feud creates the appearance of equal credibility, so you’re either raising the other person up, or taking yourself down.

3) Do your research. When you speak from the gut, you’re not speaking from the brain. A well-researched comment educates. An uninformed comment uses up people’s time and sucks a little bit more life out of the world.

4) Be kind. Why not?  Even a curmudgeon can growl something friendly once in a while.

5) If you must disagree with someone, then discuss the issue and not the personality. This is because most people have issues. Not everyone has a personality. Discuss the issue with verifiable facts.

6) Be careful what you share about your finances, your sexual history, or the progress of your relationship. Remember, what happens on the internet stays on the internet…forever.

7) Conversely, your friends do want to share your joys and sorrows, your giggles and frustrations. If you can add a bit of insight, what you discovered in the process, it’s even more interesting.

8) If you can’t be funny, don’t tell jokes. Not everyone knows how to be funny. And if you do know how to be funny, you don’t have to be funny all the time. Sometimes a joke is the worst thing to say. Know the difference.

9) Other people share their joys and sorrows, giggles and frustrations. Respond where appropriate. Show that you care. People like to know they’ve been heard. When people share, it’s an invitation to understand, not an invitation to argue.

10) Shameless self-promotion should be the least of what you do. Facebook is for connecting with friends, not using them as an audience. Yes, your friends want to hear about your new book, but more important, they want to hear about you as a person.

UPDATE: No sooner had I posted this blog entry than a hit came in from Trinidad and Tobago … another new country. I just love this blogging adventure.