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… and other quotes like this are running through my head today.

“If I thought you were no good, I’d gently tell you to keep the day job” said Linda.

Not sure why this sort of stuff comes on me as I plan to take some time and “really write”.

“Yeah, but when I did web design, I really didn’t care if people used it or changed it or whatever. I did it because I loved doing it. And it didn’t matter after that.” I said.

“But with writing, it really makes a difference when people read it” I continued. “And if people don’t read it then I don’t feel as inspired to write. So I must not really love to write like I am supposed to.”

imgur bookshopWell, it made sense to me when I said it. And how this translates into whether or not I have any talent writing is quite another thing.

Insecurity, meet thy home.

I saw this really cool picture today on the internet, so I thought I would include it in today’s musings.

 It was from an article about this sign going viral.  And somehow, even though I spent the day doing research for names for writing … and taking pictures for future writing … and talking about my writing … I somehow am thinking I am not worthy of the task of writing.

Do other people have this kind of insecurity about the whole thing?

So all these folks say I have some talent here, but somehow I am telling myself it isn’t true.

“You all are saying that because you are my friend.” I said to Linda as we entered town. “You really don’t think I have talent … do you?”

Granted, it was a feeble attempt at fishing for a compliment. But I really have no clue.


Truth? I have a clue. I’m just too afraid to believe it.

Fear really sucks.