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… sort of.

I have been trying to get a picture of the Red-Tailed Hawk in my neighborhood … for months. And as those of you who read the blog here know, my luck is not phenomenal.

There were the times I tried to get pictures of the giant Pileated Woodpecker.
The time the Red-Tailed Hawk flew right in front of the truck I was sitting in.
The time he was heard at a point of grief in my life.
The time I had a chance to get someone else’s pictures of him, and forgot.
The time I got someone’s picture but it was too small to be seen.
The only bird I have been able to catch a photo of is The Stupidest Bird Ever.

red tailed hawk (5)And there were all the many times I ran to the window or door to get a picture … me seeing him … but the picture not showing him.

Most of my pictures look a lot like this one from this morning.

I hear the unmistakable screech of the bird … rush to get a camera … hurry outside to get a great shot and … nothing.

Today there were two of them floating high above the trees. This was encouraging, because until today I thought there was only the one.

And yes, I felt sorry for him … thinking he had no mate in life.

So today I got the camera … ran to the front window downstairs … opened the window wide and … didn’t see him / them … at first.

But once I did, I pulled up the camera and took the picture you see above here.

Now, far be it from me to complain, but do you see two Hawks flying around there? Anywhere?

Not to be foiled … and especially since I heard him screech again … I started taking pictures in the area where I heard the sound. And toward the area where I saw the birds.

At first glance the pictures looked empty … as always. Until I blew them up to full size.

And lo and behold on four of them, there are teeny tiny images of one of the birds.

Just to make it easier to see, I have circled … with a teeny tiny oval … where in the picture the bird can be seen. Granted he is small in the picture. That is because he is far, far above any of the tall trees here. 

But for once, just once, I got a picture. Four of them actually.

One of these days I’ll get one that does them justice. They really are magnificent creatures.