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Boy it’s a good thing we have the Supreme Court around to explain things to us. It has been one of those days for me. And with all the pain of my twisted shoulder, I might not understand all the rules that have been put into place.

Silly me … I had always thought it was rude when people made sexually degrading comments about others. Turns out it is perfectly all right.

As long as you aren’t able to give the person a raise in pay or anything.

So, if I understand it correctly … I can sexually harass the people in YOUR department, and you can sexually harass the people in MY department. Because, after all, if I am not making decisions about their pay, it’s not really sexual harassment.

And if I don’t eat fish for lunch, then a bicycle doesn’t need its tires pumped.

Makes sense to me.

Notice I am skipping entirely any comments on the fact that a case came from Ball State. Far be it from me to make fun or be sarcastic, right?

And I learned that things that are Unconstitutional one decade can suddenly become Constitutional (or visa versa) in another … depending on who is sitting on the Supreme Court.

Paula Deen holds court

Paula Deen holds court (Photo credit: Bristol Motor Speedway & Dragway)

Why, today I learned that there is no more bigotry or racial prejudice in the Deep South.

Paula Deen will be thrilled to know this.

But then, her sons swear that she is no racist. Calling black people niggers the “N” word is perfectly fine nowadays … as is wanting them to be put “in their place in proper serving attire”.

Nope. No prejudice or racism there.

She will be thrilled.

As will the folks in the Texas State Congress. If I read the headlines correctly …

Just two hours after the Supreme Court reasoned that discrimination is not rampant enough in Southern states to warrant restrictions under the Voting Rights Act, Texas is already advancing a voter ID law and a redistricting map blocked last year for discriminating against black and Latino residents.

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott issued a statement declaring that both measures may go into effect immediately, now that there is no law stopping them from discriminating against minorities.

Boy. Lucky for them there is no discrimination any more.

The Black and Latino voters in Florida districts and elsewhere who had their voting locations closed down and time allowed for voting reduced last year … so that they had to stand in line for up to eight hours to vote … will be thrilled to know that it was just all a big coincidence.

Nope. No prejudice there.

And the gerrymandering. Just a funny map thing. Not because the rules are being abused. Because there is no more prejudice against anyone anymore.

998658_615214161845191_671669848_nOh. And Affirmative Action. You know, that thing that helped Justice Clarence Thomas get into and remain in college way back when? The Affirmative Action that he used when he needed it?

Well, he now no longer thinks that is all that important.

Not to be confused with the statements he made back then … ala “Affirmative Action is critical to minorities and women in this society.”

But that was before he had a white wife. Which was illegal to do until he was … well let’s just say that there was a poll taken the year before last … in Mississippi.

You know. Where there is no racial prejudice anymore?

The results were as follows:

An April 2011 poll of Mississippi Republican primary voters asked “Do you think interracial marriage should be legal or illegal?”. The responses were “Legal” 40%, “Illegal” 46%, and “Not Sure” 14%

And the case involving the little girl and the rights of Native Americans?

Well, I guess we don’t have to be concerned with any of those laws either. After all this is 1813 2013 after all.

Why, with a little bit of luck, I may learn before the end of the week that we are all created equal … and that we all have equal rights under the law.

As long as you agree with the conservatives in the country.

No problem. All equal.

It’s just that there are two types of equal. No problem.

OK. I’ll be optimistic here. Maybe … even though they made these bone-headed decisions based on God only knows what … maybe they will rise to a new level of fairness. And allow loving couples to be treated equally and fairly under the law.

If not … well … 

I vote.

And I am guessing … so do you.