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English: I took photo myself.

English: I took photo myself. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Time: a week before July 3rd, 1776
Place: Somewhere in Southern Virginia, at the home of John and Mary Washington


Mary: I am so frustrated! The colonists are just not being treated like full-fledged citizens of the British Empire.


John: Well, honey, there is a lot of anger out there because of it. They just don’t know quite what to do about it.


Mary: Well your cousin George isn’t helping things, is he? All this talk of uniting. We have enough problems as it is.


John: I don’t think George is nearly as bad as his wife. Martha is out talking with all of her friends about how we need to move beyond this whole colony thing. Lots of ideas. Lots of them.


Mary: Well I have ideas. I have lots of ideas. Good ideas, too. As a matter of fact I have one really good idea that I wanted to run by you.


John: Oh yeah?


Mary: Well, we don’t want to do any Intolerable Acts or anything.


John: Right. Wouldn’t want to do anything Coercive either.


Mary: So what better idea than to have a Holiday?


John: A Holiday?


Mary: Yes, a Holiday … something to show the folks in England how much we really appreciate their protection. You know. Years of history. Lots of attention. Why if George is to be believed they are all over the place up north.


John: A holiday … interesting concept. What would you include?


Mary: Well, I was thinking of some games … sticks and balls … and I think those cased sausages would be a good idea. Feed the folks well, you know?


John: Interesting. What else?


Mary: I make a mean Apple Pie … I could make lots of those. And lots and lots of Tea. I think I heard Martha say that was all the rage … or something. I was only half listening. Something about Tea, though.


John: We wouldn’t want to offend anyone … that’s for sure.


Mary: Stick-ball, Hot Sausages, Apple Pie and … what the hey … we could have those sparkly things that are so popular over in China.


John: I’m not so sure about all this. What would be the point?


Mary: To show them how much we appreciate all they do for us. How much we depend on them to survive. Aannndd …


John: And … ?


Mary: And we could call it Dependence Day.


John: Dependence Day?


Animated Union Jack

Animated Union Jack (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Mary: Sure. Dependence Day … it will be the new In thing to do … “Be In … Dependence Day … Proud” … something like that. Flags of the Union Jack all around.


John: So when would you think would be a good day for this?


Mary: How about next Wednesday … July 3rd?


John: Well, George and all the rest should be back from that little get-together in Philadelphia by then. Things should settle down after their trip. Sounds like a plan!

Mary: Dependence Day. July 3rd.


And how is that working for you, Mrs. Washington?