When was the last time you had a foot long hot dog?

Yeah, me too.

So today I decided to drive down the road from my weekend retreat and visit Eddie’s Footlong Hot Dogs. They have been in business for over 62 years 66 years more than 60 years a long time selling these things. Just read the signs.

Now I’m not saying that it was mystery sauce on the hot dogs, but I didn’t recognize the ingredients. That said … it … was … delicious. No wonder they were presented with the prestigious 2013 Heritage Tourism Award this past week.

So I munched happily on the hot dog … talking to folks as I munched.


You know” the nice lady from Pittsburgh said “you haven’t lived till you have tried Hank’s Custard right up the road here.” And it turns out they also won the prestigious 2013 Heritage Tourism Award along with Eddie’s this past week.

It was started in 1952. Rumor has it that was a very good year for starting things.

How could I not stop there too?

For those of you who are frequent readers here, you know that one of my guilty pleasures is stopping at a local frozen custard place to check out the flavor of the day. So what could I do?

And lo and behold it was an authentic, make it here, eat this stuff, frozen custard stand. Now I’m not saying that it was better than my home-grown stand. Maybe it was the fact that I was here on the weekend getaway.

But there are few things as memorable as a bit of frozen home-made custard on a hot summer day.


Oh. The flavor of the day was Banana.