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Years ago, my younger brother said something that has rung true for me over the years.

“In a hundred years, will it really make a difference?”

Over time I have found that quote can be modified often to “In a month, will it really make a difference?”

I recall one time, years ago, whirling in post divorce chaos, sitting at the small business owned by a dear, now gone, friend. After patiently listening to me wail and moan about the latest cruelties inflicted by my now ex-husband, he said “Yes, and in another month you will have a whole new set of things to be upset about.”

And he was right.


So yesterday, when I came across something that was badly timed to say the least, I used my writing skills to their finest. In righteous indignation I wrote a thousand words. Take that you …

And then stopped. And thought. And put it in a save document instead.

Perspective. Sleep on it.67564_437807122977735_1960925286_n

This morning, I went to have coffee with some friends and after the others left, I talked at length with one who understood exactly what I was going through. Had been there herself. Recently. Almost felt as good as the thousand words.


After coffee, I ran a few errands with someone else and came home to do some writing. In the myriad of Facebook posts was one that caught my attention.


Mushy? Yes. Helpful in gaining perspective? Absolutely.

The realization that what had disappointed me … what triggered a thousand words of … whatever … was really none of my concern. It was, to say the least, someone else’s problem.  Not mine.

I took the minor action needed on my side.

And focused on … Perspective.

Then I saw this picture.


Last Friday (July 19), the Cassini mission captured several shots of the Earth from its vantage point, within the orbit of Saturn.

We’re the little blue dot pointed to by the arrow.

Like I said … perspective.