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OK, so since this pseudo-reblog thing is going so well, today I thought I would share a blog post by the gal who has recorded several of my blog posts for her podcasts.

Talk about I Love Lucy moments!

So without further ado, here is Kris K and her Has This Ever HappeKrisasRhinemaidenLogowebsitesned To You posts.

Welcome to Does This Happen to you where we explore the more bizarre and unusual elements of getting through your day.  I always appreciate your comments.  I’d love to hear stories about your day.

After being left eating the dust of the BMW on the east side of the mountain pass, I’m bombing along the winding roadway at the speed limit.  Its July 4, JJ and Benny, our dogs, are riding quietly in the back seat and I’m making good time.

Suddenly a minivan’s nose sits in my rearview mirror.  Then, we hit a curve and it’s gone.  The road straightens and the nose is back, riding my Audi’s ass.  The next curve, it’s gone again.  Ah, the perils of this particular pass, it’s the “I don’t do curves, but I can do 70 on the straight away” driver.  It’s one notch down from the headlight flasher in my book.

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