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Reblogging – Try, The Last … Really

Okay, so I decided to add one more reblogging entry.

This one is because this gal has been faithfully reading my blog for a while here … and she writes fairy tales.

Now why might that be appealing to me? My children are grown. My grandchildren are not beating down my door.

Yes, I liked fairy tales as a child. Yes, I have written several childlike stories … complete with anthropomorphic animals.

But my recent interest has much more to do with the Ancestry report my brother had done on my Mother’s side. Forget the fact that the report said my parents had one child … my brother.

Several generations back the family name was Grimm. As in Grimms Fairy Tales. Well, maybe as in Grimm Fairy Tales.

Frankly, the family first names are all the same, and the country is right, but the dates stopped one generation short. Now if their brother had a son …

(Note to self: Renew Ancestry.com subscription and check stuff out.)

Friendly Fairy Tales

Satri knew that walking deep into the mangrove forest by himself was not allowed. Sometimes the noise of his six brothers grew too loud for him to hear his own thoughts. He was careful not to let Raksasa or Manu see him going. The twins were the eldest, and always acted as if they were the bosses of the other 5 brothers. All of them except Manu called the oldest Raksasa behind his back, because he was huge and tall, like a towering giant. He also had the quickest fists, so the brothers were careful to call him Jay to his face.

Satri slid away while Raksasa and Manu were fighting with Ragawan, the second youngest, who had taken out a trumpet and was blowing it as loudly and discordantly as he could. Widagdya and Lintang were beating drums. Wijah was laughing and dancing on his hands, a trick all the boys could…

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