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The Chapter House

The Chapter House (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Next Chapter.

It means different things to different people at different times.

This is one of those times.

For myself as a pseudo-writer, the next chapter is forging past the writer’s block or whatever it might be called to do more writing … whether on the blog here, or on my latest story. They said I should write stories, after all.

For the gal who wrote Next chapter today, it is the struggle for the right number of words, chapters or ideas.

For myself a year ago, the next chapter was the start of this blog. A fresh place to focus my attention. A means to look at the sunny side of life and invite it into my own life.

For an old friend, the next chapter will be the start of his very first marriage … at the age of almost 60 … to a woman he has known since his teens.

And for my parents … for my parents, they are at the start of a new chapter. Tomorrow marks the fiftieth anniversary of when they moved into the house I spent many years in as a child.

And tomorrow marks the first day of their move into a new location. A very, very nice new location. This is a New Chapter to a very long life together.

As my Mom says “My head tells me this is a great move. My heart is having a little trouble with it.”

Some New Chapters are harder than others.

I understand.

For me.

Different time. Different situation.

Same conclusion.

English: Rainbow.

English: Rainbow. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)