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For those of you who have a little insight into why my life is in such chaos you will understand this one.

First … I am fine. Fine, of course, being a relative term. Some of you know what FINE stands for.

Not to Put Too Fine a Point on It

Not to Put Too Fine a Point on It (Photo credit: cobalt123)

Consider it the case for me now.

Tiny idea of what my life is like now.

After four home nursey types yesterday here where I am staying, there is now an RN here taking some blood and readings … she said two of her dogs died last week … leaving her with only 19 dogs.

They do shows about people like this, you know.

”Joey and Gracie can only eat duck. Very expensive.”

Short pause.

“Our ducks pooped on the doorstep this morning. We have two. That was my birthday present.”

Because what do you get a woman with nineteen dogs?

I’m thinking they aren’t crazy about Joey and Gracie, either.

“We just got one new dog … Lily LD. The LD stands for Last Dog.”

No kidding.