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… by Holly, the Author.

For those of you who have loyally read over the past many days and weeks, you probably noticed a ripple in the time space continuum that is my life. Oh and thanks for your continued reading … and support.

In a nutshell, my life for the past many many many weeks has consisted of the care and support of my two parents, with whatever attendant health issues and hospitalizations … culminating in moving them to a wonderful retirement community, and the adjustment / emptying / whatever of the house they had lived in for fifty years.

Fifty years on August 11th.
Their 62nd wedding anniversary was last Sunday.
And the initial move was this Wednesday.

Followed by secondary unloading of things, tertiary unloading of junk, initial preparation for the sale of the property, and my truckload of goodies making its way to my place.

holly at lake 004Oh, and here was a good sign.

There were no fewer than 12 buzzards circling above the storage shed as the truck was unloaded. Could I get a decent picture of any of them?

Of course not.

Which brought me to yesterday … Friday the 13th … and my much anticipated Nervous Breakdown.

Close as I can tell, this occurred somewhere between their new home and the lake here.

Strangely enough, it was more like me just sitting numbly in the lobby where the internet wifi works. Smiling at people. Checking out the internet. Going to my room around 9 PM. And then instantly sleeping.

For the first time in … months … I slept through the night. Then when morning came, I rolled over and slept even more till 9 AM.

Is this how people usually have a nervous breakdown?

holly at lake 008 holly at lake 007

At any rate, I finally got up, got together, and got downstairs in search of the elusive caffeine laden cup of coffee. Sitting on the porch, in the nice little wicker chair, looking at the nice little calming lake as always, I realized I had a very limited Schedule for this weekend.

Here it is.


No guilt laden … anything.
No rushing to … anywhere.
No pressing … anytime.

I figure I am right on track.

I have started a fun mindless romantic comedy chick lit type book by a new author.
I have typed this blog entry (no work on any book for me this weekend).
I will eat and drink as I get hungry and thirsty.

And I will sleep.

Maybe another full night tonight.

I am a woman of simple needs after all.