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… and some make a very great difference.

Such a person was my friend Don.

I just got a call from a mutual friend that Don had passed away … in his eighties … after a relatively short illness.

There are those people who affect your life … and there are those who provide a role model for others. Who through their healing words and skills make your life just a little better for having known them.

Don was a Native American … and a Healer. He ministered to the Amish in our area and in other areas he lived in previously.

He helped set the top of the Empire State Building and served the world in ways many will never know.

He dispensed wisdom and direction to men seeking to turn their lives around. And he did it all in a calm, spiritual fashion.

Oh, and he saved my life.


Without going into details, let’s just say there was a time when my life was in imminent danger and he made the call that made the difference. To the police. To someone close who intervened. When nobody else did.

After telling a close friend, she posted these beautiful words, which describe his effect on her and many others.

I just got word that a dear old gentleman has passed from this world.

He was as strong as a 1000 men, and as gentle as the feather on a butterfly’s wing.

He was full of wisdom and healing and hope.

He changed my life in a very significant way and I’ve witnessed the impact he had on uncountable others.

My tears fall for him, but I will carry him in my heart and share what I learned from him.

Because that’s how it works.

A noble spirit.

Be at peace, Don.

You will be missed.