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English: I in Pizza Hut.

English: I in Pizza Hut. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sometimes, when I get stuck with a project, I merely jump to another project and work on it for a while.

This technique very much works with my style of working in real life. And in other creative things I have done in my life.

So why did I think that writing would be any different?

Lord knows I have tried.

Staring at the blank screen in front of me.
Making several abortive attempts to complete the planned novel.
Using every avoidance technique known to man.
Employing a few passive aggressive skills well honed over time.
Writing here instead of there.

Bottom line?

I don’t like the story.

I want to like the story. But I don’t.

So here … on the Eighth Day of NaNoWriMo … I am throwing out the whole idea.

Or more accurately, I am setting aside the whole story line for now. And I am starting from scratch.

Truth? I have been known to write ten thousand words on a good day, so the fact that I am starting over is no great shock to my system.

A few ideas are floating around in my brain here … and I think … as long as I am at it … that I will set aside the lettuce and lean meat diet for the evening.


Gooey, cheesy, calorie laden, sure to keep the fat on my thighs, pizza.

Maybe one of the myriad plot bunnies hopping around my mind will jump to the forefront and kick-start my creativity here.

Maybe I will take the idea that my counselor suggested … and write about what has been really happening in my life for the last few years.

Now there is a story.

Sometimes truth is stranger … and funnier … than fiction.

Gee, I hope there is a happy ending.

English: Pizza Hut restauraunt in Athens, Ohio...

English: Pizza Hut restauraunt in Athens, Ohio, United States. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)