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Rain camera

Rain camera (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

So the month is fully past its midway point. And I am fully past mine.

For a person so exposed to a variety of people and experiences, there is little need for research in many areas. Just the challenge of putting experience to “paper” and moving the story along to its logical conclusion.

Yesterday I successfully avoided writing for several hours by spending time looking for small containers of varying sizes containing various minutia. Oh, and a piece of paper to sign saying I had found said minutia.

In the rain.

To say that my time spent drained me physically and emotionally would be the understatement of the week.

But I tried something new … and shared some stories of bygone days. In the midst of “my son does this and my daughter does that” exchanges, he said “… and my daughter is quite a writer. She used to do some WriMo thing or another …”


So. It turns out lots of people know about this NaNoWriMo thing here … and although they may not currently participate, they did at one time and are better for the experience.

At least I think that’s how the story went.

Now today, I find myself in need of some inspiration. And wandered out to the Facebook Notes section of a friend … to read the various and sundry diatribes there.

And was stunned.

Granted this is not someone I know well. And the discovery of similarities …. from “Often I leaf through magazines from back to front.” to “Q:WOULD YOU BUNGEE JUMP? A: Not voluntarily.” and much more not mentioned here. And the humor expressed was great fun to read.

But the rest. The heart touching, eloquently stated, knock you off your seat rest.

I am stunned.

And despite the kind things that others have said to me … despite the encouragement of friends … despite the times I have thought my efforts here worthy of someone else spending time to read them … despite it all … I realize how truly talented some of the people in my life truly are in their writing.

And I realize, truly, that I am the least of these.