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Thus proving that not everyone in the world knows that I am participating in NaNoWriMo, do a daily blog, or entertain the notion of writing …

While chatting with two friends this morning, I noticed one of them looking closely at my face. Leaning in even. Very closely.

“Hey, its true” she said “just like you said on Facebook the other day. You really don’t have any wrinkles.”

Well. Yeah. I did say that. The woman trying to sell me glop at the counter said that to me and … well … yeah.

What can I say? I have good genes.

After more “girl talk” the other friend said “Hey you know, you really should write a book!” to which the first person says “Yes you REALLY should write a book … you are so funny …”

Deja vu all over again.

So of course I told them the story of how I had begun writing and was actually participating in NaNoWriMo this month … and how I have this WordPress blog out here.

Chatting. Laughing. Them assuring me that I really am funny and have a way with words.

I think the exact wording was actually more like “When we are in a meeting together, I have to look down because otherwise I know you are going to say something with a straight face that will make me laugh out loud.”

I wondered why she seemed so interested in her notes during meetings.

As I gave them the basic “Aw shucks” … while inside thinking “I’m funny? Really?” the first friend flipped up her smart phone … with the Happy Holly Project in full view.

Well. I do put this out here so you all can read it after all.

I am planning to give her links to some of the better blog entries out here … so she can get a sense of how I write.  The other gal is a non-computer-user.

So … maybe this blog site deserves a bit of a review … and maybe a static page or two with some kind of “best of” thing for new readers to get a sense of what I write.

Would that count as a good way to procrastinate on writing more words for NaNoWriMo today?