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English: Lightning bolts hitting Atlanta skyscrapers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My story … the new one … that I basically just got past the 50,000 word mark … is about three women of a certain age who find themselves single … and how they cope.

Not that this particular scenario has happened to me … or two of my close friends … in recent times.

I got a lot of words for the story, when I reached a stuck point, by adding a chapter to the start of each woman’s story in which she writes a journal entry (see cheat #2 from the other day).

Then I got a lot of words when I reached a stuck point again by adding some Facebook Chat conversations that the Main Characters are having with potential future partners.

Is this where I need to put the caveat?

That if any of you prior close friends of mine might read this … and think that I used any of our actual real chats for this … well … um … why of course I would not use any life experiences of mine in anything I would write.

(Holly moves quickly to the side to avoid incoming lightning bolts)

Truth? This stuff will never see the light of day anyway … and if it does, it will have been so re-written it won’t resemble anything like real life events anyway.

So if you are reading this … and remembering times gone by in ages past … and perhaps some not ready for prime time discussions we may have had … well … it’s a good thing you treated me well in the aftermath of our time together.

So you have no fear of anything too private getting out there for the public to read.

You … did … treat me well, right?